Dangers Ahead

Encouraging Women to Rise Above the Lies


Hi! My name is Katherine. I’m the mother of four great children and I have four beautiful grandchildren. I have spent most of my life trying to do the right things and always making the wrong choices. I am a sinner saved by grace and I have a desire to share God with others to show how He has worked in my life.

I started this blog because I believe I have a story to tell, but I struggle to know how it should be told. Maybe I know how but telling it scares me. I read blogs and devotions written by women who have also struggled and now want to share their story of how God helped them. That is what I want.

But they seem to have it so together, and I seem to be a big mess. Lie.

Have you ever listened to these women who want to help you out of your pain and wonder just what they could do for you? Their hair never out of place, and their makeup is perfect. Their clothes pressed nicely with all the creases in the right place.

They are too perfect to have ever struggled with pain. Lie.

Some are soft-spoken, while others are more boisterous. But they all have the message of Jesus to share with you and use their struggles to do so.

My voice is loud, blunt, and rough around the edges! There isn’t any way I can tell my story as eloquently as they can. Lie.

I now know about these women that I spoke of, the perfect ones; they are not perfect. They look this way because of who God is and what He has accomplished in their lives. They look great on the outside because they have found out how to let God change them on the inside.

 Today, I am learning to walk in the spirit so God can change me on the inside. I grew up learning how to follow a set of rules. I believed that following these rules was the same as following Jesus. Realizing the lie of this statement helped me to see the reason I have struggled to obey God.

I want to share the freedom you can have in following Jesus by exposing the lies women hear.

So, there it is—my story. I will be attempting to expose the lies that have deceived many by revealing the truth of scripture.

I hope you will follow me, and please, feel free to interact with your comments. Maybe I am saying something wrong, or perhaps there is a lie you have heard and would like the truth.

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