“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20 (ESV)

People need the Lord.  People need fellowship.  People need people.

When I could get out to church every Sunday, I always came back home feeling renewed and ready to face another week.  There is just something about worshiping God with others.  The Spirit of the Lord fills each believer’s heart as we shout out our praises to God.  Of course, this type of worship isn’t the same with church streaming into my office at home.  Singing out loud by yourself with the dog giving you that clueless look with his head cocked to the side can be uplifting, and I do this often, but it is different when you’re not around others. I’m sure this Pandemic has caused you to have the same feeling of isolation and loneliness.   

I am grateful that the women’s Bible study group has still been able to find a way to meet every week.  Even though it is a virtual meeting, it has been the only time of fellowship that I have been able to have in the last several months.  It has been a time of blessing, sharing, prayer, and a time filled with laughter and tears.  But learning and growing in Jesus as we share His word.  This week has been challenging for me, feeling the enemy’s attack from all directions, and I became vulnerable before my friends.

It is scary to admit weaknesses.  I fear what people think of me.  I fear sharing too much.  But this week, I felt I needed to reach out and ask for prayer, so I did.  The prayer was so powerful as it humbled me to my weakness and renewed my strength in God with each word prayed by my friends.  As I said goodnight and closed out the app on my computer, I realized my peace was back.  I had not felt that in a few days.  I love praying with my friends!

I cannot wait until we can all be back in church and worship together as one body.  But until then, I am so grateful for my Bible study friends!