Because I See

“Wine is a mocker and strong drink is a brawler; whoever goes astray by them is not wise.” Proverbs 20:1 (Net)

Tonight I was asked what verse stood out that caused me to stop drinking.  I wasn’t able to answer this question because it isn’t one verse that can explain it.  It happened because I changed the way that I was living.

 It started with a cry to God to be lifted out of my shameful life.  I knew that Jesus was the only way out of the guilt I was feeling.  So, I started praying. 

I eventually started reading the bible.  Then I started listening to online preachers that I trusted.  My life became even better when I began obeying the principles in the bible.  I added regular attendance to church, got involved with the Women’s Bible Study, and continued to follow and grow. 

The time between falling on my face crying out to God, and when I quit drinking was an eleven-year process. 

When asked to give a verse of how I quit drinking reminded me of the man in the Gospel of John that had his sight restored by Jesus.  He had been blind since birth, so the Pharisees took notice and wanted the man to explain it. 

Asking me to give just one verse made me want to cry out what he did; “… I do know one thing–that although I was blind, now I can see.” John 9:25 (NET)

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