“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you” Isaiah 26:3 (ESV).

Do you have peace?  Do your feelings seem to range between sadness, anger, and fear these days?  We hurt for what is going on in the world.  We are mad at the spread of a plague that doesn’t seem to be ending.  We fear for our loved ones.  How can we have peace and know that God is in complete control?  As I listen to others’ concerns, I scramble to think of what I can say to share the peace that I have found. 

If this pandemic had happened in my younger days, even ten years ago, I would not have had any hope at all.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God.  I have always believed in Him.  But choices based on how I wanted to live is what filled my life.  I didn’t seek God’s direction in anything.  I lived in how I wanted to live and felt that I was alright in God’s eyes because I believed in Him.  But I didn’t have any peace.  I was full of anxiety daily.  Anything out of the ordinary would scare me and send me into a state of depression.  So how do I have so much peace today in the middle of all that is going on?

Seek God’s direction daily.  Do not make life choices without first studying the bible and praying for God’s guidance.  Learn to lean on God and trust Him with anything that comes into our life.  We don’t need to change when coming to Jesus, but because we turn to Him and follow His direction, God changes us.  This change is where we will find peace. 

These emotions that try to seep into our life will only last for a minute as we come to God and trust His plan and purpose for our life.  It’s not because we say we believe.  It’s because we live out what God teaches us. 

That is why I am not anxious.  That is why I have peace.