Things Above

“Keep thinking about things above, not things on the earth” Colossians 3:2 (NET).

This verse popped up in my devotions tonight.  It stood out as important to me because of what I had written down in my journal several hours before.  I think about the blogs I am writing and the book that I am working on, and I asked myself, again, why am I doing this?  Here was my answer.

When I think about things above, I think about who I want there with me.  I have a handful of people in my life to whom I am writing.  These are people who have been affected one way or the other by the choices I have made.  Today I thought, what if I could write that one sentence that will bring them into God’s presence?  What if I can show them the peace they can have here on earth while they wait for Jesus with hope?  What if I can get them to see that God’s Kingdom is so much more important than anything we are doing down here?  I wrote this in my journal.

In light of seeking things above, I want to see my children, family, and friends come running up to me in the Kingdom and thank me for showing them the way there!

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